Fully Automated
Temperature Controlled
Residual Analyzer
for up to 9


MatrixEx NG SCIEX Analyst.pdf



MatrixEx™ Features Summary

  • Dramatic increase of sample throughput in LC-MS analysis (as for environmental analysis [1]) by switching two columns in tandem use alternatively
  • Back-flushing of one analytical column to remove accumulated matrix, while a next sample can be analyzed on the second analytical column
  • Up to nine different columns may be selected and connected to the system using MAYLAB’s proven MistraSwitch concept
  • Fully UPLC- compatible
  • Fully automated analysis with proprietary graphical software integration into many mass spectrometric software systems, especially well suited for AB Sciex™ Analyst
  • Data logging of all MatrixEx ™ functions for GLP and TQM


[1] see: