MayLab Mistral

Column Oven
or Thermostat
For Thermo Scientific
ChromQuest and Xcalibur


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Mistral Oven/Thermostat

The Mistral offers exact and reproducible temperature control. Large area heating plates guarantee safe and stable operation at a temperature range from +5°C up to 90°C for the thermostat, Ambient up to 90°C for the oven, while forced air circulation ensures excellent temperature uniformity in the column area.

 The temperature-controlled column area contributes to the reproducibility of retention times, separations will be more consistent at a constant temperature and some separations will be more efficient at elevated or sub-ambient temperatures. With a temperature-controlled column area room temperature changes will no longer affect your separations.

 The MayLab Mistral Software driver for ChromQuest and Xcalibur allows fully control of the Mistral oven or thermostat (except temperature gradient).


Mistral Model 886 Features Summary

  • Separate electrical heating and Peltier cooling (Thermostat only)
  • Temperature range from 5°C up to 90°C (Thermostat only)
  • Passive capillary pre-heater
  • Leakage Sensor with shut down output
  • Unrivalled temperature stability and –precision (both values better than 0.1°C)
  • Fast heating speed at 10°C/min and cooling speed at 3°C/min
  • Column compartment space for up to 10 HPLC columns each 300 mm * 4,6mm
  • RS 232 or USB control


Mistral Interfacing ChromQuest / Xcalibur

A fully automated temperature controlled column compartment within ChromQuest or Xcalibur is the most efficient way for unattended and overnight operation when using different methods with different temperatures and only one column.






Software drivers are available for:

  • Thermo Scientific Xcalibur V 1.4 and higher
  • Thermo Scientific ChomQuest V 4.1 and higher


Mistral and GLP (Good Laboratory Practice)

The actual oven temperature is constantly being reported to the software and recorded as an analogue signal. The signal will be available as RAW File after recording.


Mistral Ordering Codes

Order Code Item
  Mistral Model 886 Column Thermostat
 ML-886.004 Mistral Model 886 Column Thermostat, Temperature Range: 5 °C...90 °C
  Mistral Model 886 Column Oven
ML-886.000 Mistral Model 886 Column Oven, Temperature Range: Ambient...90°C


  Software Drivers
ML-MIS5 Mistral Driver for Xcalibur V1.4 and higher
  Supports Model 886 Oven and Thermostat, USB dongle and RS 232 cable included
ML-MIS4 Mistral Driver for ChromQuest V4.1 and higher
  Supports Model 886 Oven and Thermostat, USB dongle and RS 232 cable included

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